Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Good Articles to 'Reed'

Haven’t adopted BIM yet?  Check out this short article that quite nicely touches on the key points of consideration for BIM in your firm.  Why Building Information Modeling?


So you taken the plunge into Revit and are in the process of using or at least making a valiant attempt.  Once you understand how to use Revit and you start getting going with it, the major next hurdle is content, or lack thereof.  You need an object in your project that doesn't exist in Revit (for example, a water fountain or a boiler or a roof top unit etc.).  Well off you go looking for it or trying to create it.  Check out "You are Wasting Your Money" for some ideas on how to improve this aspect of Revit'ing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What is Subscription?

Autodesk Subscription is a support offering that, when purchased with eligible products, includes upgrade software, support, and training. Rather than pay for each upgrade separately, Autodesk Subscription customers pay an annual fee that includes access to all software upgrades and subscription benefits.

NEW: Subscription Auto Fulfillment Options for Canadians

Canadian Customers Get to Choose How They Get

2010 Product Upgrades Under Subscription's Auto Fulfillment

Autodesk is working to get products to customers faster than ever. Beginning March 16, we’re asking customers to make a choice about how they get their product delivered in Canada. They can choose to:

  • Download the product
  • Select a DVD to be shipped
  • Select both options (download + DVD)

If the customer does not make a selection, their DVD will be shipped.

Stay tuned for more details....