Monday, March 31, 2014

PDF to CAD Converter

CAD drawings are often saved in PDF format, which is great for sharing, as it doesn't require the native application to view the document. The problem is that a PDF is useless if the user wants to edit or make changes to the drawing. The only solution is to convert it back into a CAD format using a PDF converter.  Design professionals can convert vector images and text locked in native PDF files into fully editable CAD formats where they can be used and edited as needed.

Able2Extract PDF Converter is a very comprehensive PDF software solution with many conversion options:
  • The ability to convert PDF to DXF and DWG formats for easy editing in CAD
  • Extract text and vector drawings trapped within PDFs with just a few clicks
  • View even the most complex 2D data using an advanced built-in viewer
  • Preview the content to be selected and converted
  • Convert drawings directly into layers
  • Works on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
We tested this application and found it to work quite well.  Although we had difficulty going directly to DWG, it worked flawlessly going to DXF, which can then be saved as DWG in AutoCAD.  Text comes in as text, geometry come in as polylines, and some default layers are set up.  However, dimensions do not come in as dimensions but since you are probably converting a drawing that is scaled, you will want to scale everything up or down and re-dimension anyways.

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