Monday, April 7, 2014

Revit Tip: Setting up Shared Coordinates

In the video link below we show you how to set up shared coordinates in a Revit project using the specify coordinates at point inside of Revit. We will also be using a CAD survey and linking the CAD file into Revit.

Additional Tips:

1.  Do not reclip Survey Point and Project Base Point until you have adjusted everything.

2.  Export your Revit site as an AutoCAD file and Xref back into AutoCAD survey to double check if your setup is correct.

3.  If error appears when linking CAD file into Revit try and change your CAD units to Meters.

4.  Cleanup the CAD survey and only have the relevant information required to setup your Site in Revit.

5.  Beneficial to have a separate site Revit file and link this Revit Site plan into your Revit building project.

Click here to view video.

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